About Me

Who am I? This is always an interesting question, either straight-forward or philosophical. I am the soul that writes this and it may be that through this writing I connect with your soul.

The purpose of this blog is ironically enough is first and foremost for me. A type of therapy as I make transitions in my life. I am alone and I need to make sense of them. Since I have no family close or others my blog is my way of talking and absorbing the things in my life.

I suspect that eventually this blog will be unnecessary. But for now I have received lots of emails and other comments from folks who are dealing with similar situations and thus if it is helpful to them then I will write for a time.

This blog is not about loss or grief, I have already written much about that. This blog is about starting over, about finding what makes me happy. It will be about those moments when I backslide or fail miserably. And it will be about my triumphs and those moments when everything comes together and I experience a life that makes me happy and whole again.


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