Coming Back to the Surface

So I mothballed this blog for a long time. I walked away and focused on my personal life and decided that the distractions of posting were stressing me and even depressing me.

But as I publish more articles and such I feel like it is time for me to come back and reinvigorate this blog. But I will be making it more of an all-purpose blog. Some entries may be personal about challenges I am facing, and others may be on political topics or other areas of interest for me. Maybe the occasional poem, etc.

I just feel the need to have an outlet and this will be it I think. Bear with me as I add here. I have content I’ve created since I left and I’ll post them here so it is sort of a one-stop-shop.


About Alan Howard

Alan Howard is a 40 year old IT Operations Manager working in the greater Atlanta area.
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