A Good Man Is Not Hard To Find, If You Truly Desire One (1/2)

The Fickle Heartbeat

A Good Man Is Not Hard To Find

Shared by One Gentleman.

Where did all the good men go?

I want to address something I have heard in the past, as well as through current conversations, whenever my relationship comes up. I am exaggerating of course, but if we go by the belief of countless women, I think I am perhaps the last good man alive. Here is the problem with this assessment…it is 100% inaccurate.

I will explain as best as possible, through One Gentleman’s Perspective, where the good men have all gone.

So, where are they? Where have all the good men gone? They are right in front of you. I know, it sounds weird, but not really. How could someone be right before your very eyes, and somehow never become noticed? The answer is far easier than you may think.

In today’s dating environment, many women are subconsciously looking for their Superman. They like…

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About Alan Howard

Alan Howard is a 40 year old IT Operations Manager working in the greater Atlanta area.
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